This program will help you learn how to build your business fast through the power of joint ventures.

Most small business owners today are struggling to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money. With advertising and marketing costing more than ever before, generating leads is almost out of the financial reach for a majority of business owners.

Fortunately, one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow any business is through Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances. And best of all, in the vast majority of cases, there are NO upfront costs associated with using a Joint Venture strategy.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances involve two or more businesses forming a partnership to share markets or endorse a product or service to their customer base… and then exchange a share of the revenue from the sales made from the relationship.

The revenue earned by the second Joint Venture partner is typically paid AFTER the sale is made; saving the originator any initial out of pocket fees.

The best way to get started is to ask two key questions:
Who are my ideal clients?
Who else already has access or a database to my ideal clients?

Let’s say you’re looking for people that are health conscious. You may decide that Naturopath Doctors, Colon Hydro Therapists, Health Clubs, Wellness Centers, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and so on may all have the type of clientele you’re looking for.

Create an entire list of possible Joint Venture partners in your area.

Once you have answered the two questions above and have created your list, now you’re ready to build an extraordinary and highly profitable business – fast!

Divide your list into two groups – those you already have a relationship with and those you don’t.

I suggest you select 25 or more people from the list you believe already have your ideal clients and that you already have a relationship with. Then email, direct mail and call to help them understand the benefits your product or service offers… and explain to them how offering what you have can benefit both their clients and themselves.

Being unique, or having an interesting twist or hook, will definitely up your chances of getting noticed. But regardless of how you approach your prospective partner, it’s important to craft the offer in a manner that shows the benefits to your potential partner.

However, there are a few extra tricks to motivate a potential partner. Look at all the potential benefits your partnership provides. Don’t stick with the obvious. Dig deep, and list all the benefits they get from doing this venture. Invite them to experience your product or service for themselves. Let them try it at no cost if possible.

You have to remember that when they endorse you, they are putting their reputation on the line. It’s critical that you show your potential partner how their clients or prospects will benefit from your offering, and if possible, always position the offer so your partner gets to take all the credit and looks like the hero for recommending you.

But don’t stop there. Think about it: if your partnership will make your partner look good, what will that translate into? More money? Of course, but it can also translate into more sales of their own product or service… or perhaps more publicity and visibility in the marketplace. Your partnership may lead to more word-of-mouth advertising… or more brand equity and trust from their prospects.
A JV relationship can open up new distribution channels that you both can exploit… or reveal new markets for you both to enter. Chances are great that you will both increase your opt-in lists, allowing additional sales to occur in the future as well as the present.

I can’t stress to you enough the fact that there’s got to be something different your JV relationship offers. There needs to be something else that makes this a truly viable and worthwhile investment for your partner… something that gives them more time, improves their own marketing or increases exposure to their intellectual property.

Bundling products or offers is an excellent strategy. If the JV’s product is a non-competing one… or perhaps it complements your product… and provides major benefits to your prospects as well, then bundling both products or services together often creates an entirely new and separate offering that provides extraordinary value for both sets of prospects.

If you have a list that can benefit your partner and if your partner has a list you can promote to, or if you can build a new one together where you both share ownership, that’s another added benefit.
But let’s say there isn’t anything else.

Let’s say you’ve created a truly exceptional product that would greatly benefit your partner’s prospects, and you’re looking to leverage the profits from your product using a joint-venture partner’s opt-in list.
Your potential partner will be looking for proof that what you offer is really something their prospects will want to buy. Plan to have sales materials tested and ready for them to use so there is no hassle or work required on their end.

Show them that your product is in demand and that it’s already selling and selling well. With this powerful evidence in hand, you can send your potential partner a letter or FedEx package and offer them 50% of the revenue and include a sample of your product along with a copy of your proven, high-converting sales letter or website URL if possible.

Email is OK to use providing you have an existing relationship with your prospective joint-venture partner. If you don’t, avoid email if you can. In fact, picking up the phone and calling them directly will almost always get you the best results.

Just be sure to stay laser-focused on the benefits. When you focus on the benefits instead of the features, their prospects will better appreciate the offering and they’ll appreciate your partner for including them.
But always do your homework first!

Do you know and understand their market? Is your product a perfect fit? Is your market a perfect fit for their product? How many people do they actually have in their database?

Once you discover how many prospects they have access to, you can approach them armed with the facts and figures. For example, let’s say you know that their database consists of 5,000 people.

Based on a sales letter with a tested conversion rate of 3% and an average open-rate of 40%, you can estimate that your partner will gross somewhere around $3,000 in profits on your $50 product… and that’s by sending out just a single mailing.

But consider this… that example is a typical offer any affiliate or commission-based promotion often makes. Consider increasing the offer to them so it’s almost impossible for them to refuse. And if you do make an offer for a higher commission rate, don’t hide that fact! Highlight it both in writing and when speaking with them.

Put your higher than normal commission rate in the forefront and tell them that it’s higher than normal. Position this added benefit to them right away. It positions your offer as exceptional and more than fair, and elicits a fair amount of reciprocity.

When you offer someone more than the norm, they practically feel obligated to return the favor. But don’t stop there. Point out in no uncertain terms that you’re making this offer to them and them only. And point out that you’re making this offer available only through this special partnership.
I highly recommend you attempt to offer something extra-special or exclusive. After all, you’re looking for a long-term joint-venture partner, not just an affiliate.

If it’s not exclusive to just them, tell them you’re making the offer to a very select group of potential partners that includes them. List all the facts and reasons that will assure them that their promotions won’t get drowned out in a sea of competing, promotional messages.

Say something like this…
Since I’m confident your prospects will love this product (and they will love you more for offering this to them), I want to reward you specifically by paying you 50% [rather than my standard 25% commission rate for affiliates]…”
Here’s an extra tip that is very effective in gaining partners
If you want your JV offer to stand out more, then offer more — such as 55% rather than the typical 50%.
When people are offered 55% in special JV deals, it pulls more than 50%. Why? Because 50% is such a round, arbitrary number, where odd numbers like 55% sound “special.”
Another reason it works so well is that it makes the JV prospect feel as if they’re getting the better end of the deal. They’re making more money than you are. Just the offer itself establishes reciprocity.
It all comes down to lifetime customer value. If you’re doing this precisely to leverage your JV lists in order to build a bigger one for yourself from which you can profit more in the future, then who cares if they’re paid more?
Finally, consider going a step above your original offer by suggesting a bundled offer after the initial promotion, where you and your JV partner bundle your products together at a higher price and split the profits.
You can promote this bundled package to both your lists. If they’ve offered your product in the past to their list, then a bundled offer can get the remaining non-buyers to finally buy. It might be the extra nudge they need!
Say your average conversion is 3%. Your JV partner promotes your product or service as a standalone offer to their existing list of prospects with whom they have an established relationship. Their conversion will typically average 5%.
However, if you bundled your products together, you both can scratch up an extra 3-5% or even more in additional sales (I’ve seen as high as 12% by simply bundling offers).
Many non-buyers are often compelled to buy bigger, more valued-added packages.
If you can, offer it at a special price. I suggest a price lower than the two products sold separately. This helps you to abstain from offering any discounts which can cheapen your product.
(The bundle and its price are separate and distinct from both individual products, so any special pricing doesn’t affect the value perception of each standalone product.)
Look at it this way. You wouldn’t have generated these additional sales if you or your partner had simply stopped after the initial offer.
In fact, this bundle might be just the perfect nudge to get your JV’s prospects to finally buy that JV’s own product! (Be sure to point out this benefit to them.)
Or at the very least, ask your JV partner if you can become their affiliate and promote their product to your list as well. It’s a win-win solution and goes well beyond a typical affiliate arrangement.
Sometimes motivating a potential joint-venture partner takes a little massaging. Don’t be afraid to do your homework, show your numbers and present them in a light that most favors your partner. Be sure to list all the benefits and possibilities they may not have considered.
Above all, don’t just talk about the money. While it is the most common reason behind joint-venture partnerships, list all the additional benefits your partner (and their prospects) will receive in the process.
Once they’re comfortable with your product or service and the benefits it provides, get them to agree to a joint venture with you.
Arrange for a revenue share and have them introduce you to their client base as they promote your product or service through various but appropriate channels such as email, snail mail, newsletters, website and so on.
Some of the most successful businesses I’ve seen have all implemented this strategy and have seen their businesses grow and profit instantly, benefiting from an influx of new clients.
Once you have these arrangements in place, should you decide you want additional clients, you can simply contact the next 25 on your list and repeat the same process.
Here’s one way we use this strategy…
We’ve created 7 free business-building videos that give great content… and each video offers business owners the opportunity to join our E-Learning Marketing System.
We’ve created a partner program that enables us to share the revenue of the monthly subscription to this program – and we’re creating Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances with companies that have databases of small business owners.
We’ve created emails for our JV partners so all they have to do is just copy, paste and send to their list offering the free videos – allowing our partners to add tremendous value to their clients and spheres of influence – plus once they’ve offered them to their prospects and clients… our system does all the work.
Here’s a sample email we provide to our JV partners to send to their database…
Choose a subject line…
Subject: Check this out!
Subject: [firstname], grab these seven Business Growth Videos today
Subject: [firstname], seven Business Growth Videos to help you succeed even in this recession
Check out these business growth videos – 7 powerful strategies that will help you attract more clients, drive more cash and grow your business even in this recession!
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Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in these seven videos …
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Marketing That Works – How To Create Competition-Crushing Marketing
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Be ready to take tons of notes. These videos are content rich and will help you implement money making strategies immediately into your business.
Good luck.
(your name)
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PS The key to succeeding in this economy is having the right information in the right order, backed by action – here’s where to start
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This enables us to access groups of businesses that we otherwise might not have gained exposure to. We benefit the prospect, our JV partners, and expand our client base – making this entire system win, win, win!
Here’s How To Create A Strategic Alliance In 5 Easy Steps:
Strategic Alliance Step #1:
First, identify all the compatible businesses you know who already have a relationship with clients that fit your ideal client profile.
Ask yourself this question: “Who else in a compatible business has already established trust from a list of clients who could further benefit from my product or service?”
The secret is to find a business whose clients best match the markets you serve. And it’s important that they have a formal list of their client base – such as a database.
For example, if you were a real estate agent or broker, compatible businesses could include:
An investment broker who has a client list he or she has built over the years;
An accountant who has dealt with home buyers in the past;
An appraiser, banker, architect, builder or other professional service provider to people whom you would like to be known by;
A home service provider, such as a landscaper, painter, plumber, pool maintenance, pest control, etc.
Once you have made a list of the potential businesses, you now need to approach one or more of them about your strategic alliance proposition.
Strategic Alliance Step #2:
Once you’ve identified a series of businesses, it’s now time to approach them with your proposition. Any business should be more than willing to work with you. It will mean increased business for them as well.
Hopefully you and your alliance partner already know and trust each other. That’s really the key to endorsing each other’s services. The secret is to be sure they stand to gain from your relationship with them. It’s imperative that their standing with their prospects… their reputation is somehow enhanced by endorsing your product or service.
If you don’t point out the ways they will benefit from this relationship, then why would they do it? Remember, if you don’t know them or if you don’t have a previous relationship with them, then they don’t know you, like you or trust you. Simply offering them a “slice” of the pie won’t be good enough for any reputable JV partner to risk their reputation with their prospects. After all, they have been carefully nurturing them for weeks, months or possibly years.
You have to find a way to create a true win-win scenario, and in reality, that scenario should actually favor the JV partner more than you. Keep in mind that when you first approach them, they won’t have a clue whether or not your product or service will actually sell and make them money… but second, if it does sell, does it have the potential to seriously damage my relationship with my prospects.
Fail to address these issues, and you won’t be creating many JV partnerships.
Here’s a sample email we use as consultants to reach out to potential Joint Venture partners
Joint Venture Strategy
Hi (Name),
As you are all too aware, the economy is in a recession, and the ones paying the price in these tough times are the small business owners… many of whom are your clients. These people are really hurting, and since they’re in business on their own, they’re also completely alone.
They have no one they can turn to for help or to get the answers they need to grow their business and bring in additional revenue. They don’t know how to generate leads or attract more clients, their profits are plunging, and their marketing is no longer effective.
I would like to offer my services to your business owner clients to help them be more successful, and I want to do it in a way that you get credit for providing it.
My name is (name) and I’m a Business Growth Consultant with one of the leading business growth organizations in the world. You may have heard about our E-Learning Marketing System. Many of today’s top marketing experts are calling it the single, most powerful client attraction program available today.
I’m calling because I’m building the local business growth network chapter here in ____________ and I wanted to know if we could meet to discuss two important issues.
First, I would like to consider referring some of our clients to you, and second, I would like to discuss a possible joint venture that will help us both grow our businesses.
Here’s what I have in mind. I would like to send you a package of services to review along with all the benefits these services will provide to your clients. In this package is an email I would like for you to send to your small business owner clients after you approve its contents.
It details the fact that you have arranged for them to receive $1597 in professional business growth services to help them generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money than they have ever made before… and the email positions you as the one that arranged for them to receive these services complimentary.
Your prospects and clients will see this as a special VIP gift from you as a small token of appreciation for their business and their loyalty to you over the years.
They will receive a VIP invitation to a weekly 1 hour Thursday online Business Growth Workshop where they will learn how to create everything from a powerful and compelling elevator pitch to a revenue producing website. We will even help them differentiate themselves from their competition. (This is a $1000 annual value)
They will also receive a professionally conducted Business Assessment by myself so that we can find the areas within their business that may be preventing them from growing faster. In fact, we would like to extend this same assessment to you as well so you can experience the unparalleled value your clients will experience. (This is a $500 value)
And they will receive a very special one hour audio recording by one of the top innovation experts in the world, full of practical ideas they can use to separate their business from everyone else in their industry. (A $97 value)
The great thing about these services is your clients will get immediate bottom-line results… and you’re the one that comes out the hero.
They will have you to thank for providing them with such valuable services, and for making them available at no cost. Your generosity creates instant reciprocity toward you and your business, which in turn helps secure your future relationships with your clients.
However (Name), there’s also an additional benefit that you receive. Imagine what will happen when these complimentary services begin to generate additional revenue for every prospect and client you have in your database. Naturally they will be grateful to you for providing it to them, but the best part is they will need your (product/service) more frequently as their business skyrockets.
This means you get both the praise and an increase in your own business. We always want to benefit our joint venture partners. We want this to be a long-lasting relationship between us… not a one time, take-it-or-leave it type of offer.
By the way, I’ll send you an email with several links that will give you immediate access to all of the services we’ve discussed so you can experience everything for yourself.
And one more thing, I meet and speak with several hundred business owners every month, and I’m often asked if I know a really good (their profession). I would like to recommend your services when appropriate… providing you have the bandwidth to take on additional business. Let me know when would be the best time for me to begin referring you to my clients.
In the meantime, I will be sending you the Joint Venture Kit so you can personally review the excellent materials and information I will provide to your database. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I would be happy to speak with you by phone or over lunch… my treat.
To our mutual success,
(Your name)
(Your title)
(Contact information)
(We send them our Joint Venture Kit consisting of an Innovation Interview on CD, a hard copy form of our Business Growth Assessment Form, a copy of one of our top Expert interviews on a professionally branded CD, and a special VIP invitation for them to attend all local networking events complimentary.
Here is the email I ask them to review, edit and then send to their database…
Subject line: A Special VIP Gift From (JV Partner’s Name)
Dear (Name),
I wanted to sincerely thank you for your past patronage and loyalty to (name of business). Your support and business over the months and years is deeply appreciated and rewarding to me both professionally and personally. I realize very few businesses ever take the time to thank their clients who have helped them become successful, and I never want to be a member of that club… so again, my heartfelt thanks.
As I listen to the news every night, this recession-plagued economy we’re in just continues to worsen, and I know many of you are feeling the pinch, and sometimes the vise tightening around your neck. I want to offer my assistance to help you overcome these difficult times and continue to grow your business.
I would like to see if I can help lighten the load by presenting you with a VIP thank you gift from me to you. I have recently experienced a powerful and results-producing business growth process from an organization called XXX.
Their specialty is business growth and they help small business owners become successful… especially in a rough economy. They focus on teaching business owners how to immediately attract more clients, increase revenues and profits and build the type of business most business owners only dream about.
You may have heard about our E-Learning Marketing System. Many of today’s top marketing experts are calling it the single, most powerful client attraction program available today. They’ve been getting a lot of national exposure lately highlighting their proven and tested process that has already helped thousands of business owners around the world become successful.
I’ve arranged for you to receive $1597 in services specifically designed to help you grow your business in this recession-plagued economy… with my compliments.
Consider this a special thank you gift as a small token of my appreciation for your business and your loyalty.
XXX will provide you with powerful, content-laden weekly Business Growth Workshops designed to teach you the critically important business fundamentals you must have today if you want to increase your success. These workshops are presented using online webinars… and they’re fun, entertaining and interactive with live question and answer sessions at the end of each presentation.
You will also receive a professionally conducted Business Growth Assessment by a professional Business Consultant. This will only be done at your request. Believe me, this is worth its weight in gold. They use a proprietary Business Snapshot that actually pinpoints the areas within your business that may be preventing you from growing faster.
You will also receive a very special one-hour audio recording featuring one of the top marketing experts in the world. This recording is one of the most impressive and powerful pieces of information I’ve ever heard.
The contents of this recording may prove to be life-changing for you as it applies to your business. It contains information that may enable you to separate your business from your competition and literally dominate your market.
I hope you will accept my heartfelt gift. It’s my way of expressing my deepest appreciation for your patronage and loyalty.
Here’s to all of our success.
(JV partner’s name)
(JV partners company)
(JV partners contact information)
Remember to let your JV partner edit this letter and be willing to compromise on anything they aren’t comfortable endorsing. If they have a solid reputation with their prospects and clients, then their recommendation alone will garner you an incredible number of leads and sales.
Strategic Alliance Step #3:
If you’ve created a win-win situation for both you and your JV partner, then at this point you should have your partner’s interest. Now you need to create your special offer to each other’s customers.
Here’s the secret… make your offer appealing in the eyes of your customer. Make sure it’s simple and easy to understand, and even easier to take advantage of. Here’s a list of items you want to consider:
The offer should be in the form of a personalized letter from the endorser (not from you – they don’t know you. It must come from your partner. See the previous example) to his/her clients. It’s important to have a personalized letter. You’re tapping into the trust, rapport and expertise they have already established with them. You can accomplish this by using your database and mail merge capabilities.
Write this letter yourself and let your JV partner edit it or approve its contents. Remember, it’s their name at the bottom of the letter.
Your offer must be special and exclusive to the customers for whom it’s intended. And it truly must be a special offer for them to even consider it.
Clearly explain the offer. A free trial, a free consultation, a free report, a free valuation or a discount on their first purchase. Your offer must be strong enough for them to want to try it. And make it easy to understand.
Tell them why you’re making the offer. Give them the reasons why they’re so special… why you’re making them such a special offer. What circumstances have created this opportunity?
The offer must be limited. That is, it must be a one time offer, or available for a limited time. Urgency gets prospects to take action.
Your offer must be risk-free for your clients to consider it. Therefore, it must contain an assurance of satisfaction.
Clearly label the value for your offer. If you offer a complimentary consultation that you normally charge $295 to conduct, be sure to include that information.
Strategic Alliance Step #4:
At this point, you need to create an easy and non-threatening response device. It could be a postage-paid response card, a special coupon or certificate, a website landing page or a hotline or phone number for them to call. I also suggest you add a sense of urgency to it, such as an expiration date, or if it’s a product, perhaps a limited quantity at the special price you’re offering it at. Whatever you decide to use, make sure you can track it so you accurately measure your ROI – return on investment.
Here’s a tip: Include a bonus or premium with your offer to motivate a fast response—an additional gift or offer of value if they take advantage of the offer before your expiration date. Premiums work well, but the premium must have value as well as the main offer.
Strategic Alliance Step #5:
Get ALL of the names into your database! Once you each start getting response to your respective offers, remember to follow-up. If you can, try to get every name of your partner’s client base in a database file for follow-up mailings. If you can’t, ALWAYS get the name, address, and phone number of all people who inquire about your offer. The key to making the offer work is to…
Deliver on your promise. Give them outstanding service and follow-through;
Start the conversion process: get them in your database and start a drip campaign so you can convert them from “prospect” to “client” to “advocate.”
Cultivate them for a referral or repeat business. Even if they don’t do business with you right now, you need to keep the conversion process going with the help of a “drip” campaign!
Continue to provide value, even if they don’t buy. Get them on your newsletter list… send occasional article reprints… and be sure you make future offers to them. Never let them go! Stay in touch with them until they either buy or opt-out.
Here’s some additional tips: give them a reason to WANT to hear from you again. For instance, when they register for your free offer, ask them to give you their cell phone number. Tell them that twice each week you have a crazy offer you make for a limited time to a very special VIP “text message” group where you text the offer to only them and they have two hours to take action… and then the offer is gone forever.
This intrigues them. They’re dying to know what those offers are and how they will benefit from them. This works extremely well for products and services prospects use frequently such as a “buy one get one free” lunch at a local restaurant or a free half dozen donuts for everyone whose name begins with a letter of the alphabet between M – Z.
Think OUTSIDE the box. The more fun and intriguing you can make your offer, the more prospects will sign up for your initial offer and the larger your database will grow.
With a little practice, you’ll be creating strategic alliances and building your income and house list in no time. But don’t forget the conversion process. The only way to make the process work is with continual, personal contact; providing extraordinary value and motivating referrals and new or repeat business.
Below are several additional sample emails we thought you might find useful. The first is an additional Joint Venture Partner email you can emulate. We have also included a sample email that can double as a direct mail letter to show you how one business can seek a joint venture relationship with another business.
In the included example, we’ll show you how a mortgage broker seeks a joint venture relationship with a painter. We’ve also included the vouchers the mortgage broker would hand out to their customers that would drive prospects directly to the painter.
Then… we reversed the situation to show you how a painter would create a JV relationship with a mortgage broker using the same type of voucher. This is a strategy ANY business can use at ANY time to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money than ever before.
Subject: Joint Venture possibilities
Hi [firstname],
I just wanted to drop you a line, say hi and ask you if you’d be willing to help me boost the economy and make a huge difference in the lives of small business owners worldwide while we make some money together. If the answer is yes, I’ve created seven content rich business growth videos that I want to give away and I’d like your help to spread them worldwide. I’ve also created a way for us to financially benefit together by helping others achieve their business goals and dreams.
These seven free business-building videos have been watched by over 10,000 people in my pre-launch and the remarks are that they’re awesome. Each video ends with a call to action into our E-Learning Marketing System where we give business owners online access to all the tools, resources and support they need to build the business they have always dreamed of having. It’s just $1 for the first 30 days to get started and then $97 per month… and that’s where we can share in the revenues.
The revenue share to you is 40% of the $97 per month subscription or $38.80 per person who signs up. It’s like having your own cable company and we’ll do all the work.
If you would like to partner with me to change the world of business… and make a few bucks along the way, reply to this email and we’ll help get you set up as a partner right away. Below are two of the videos for you to review so you can see the quality of how we can change the world of business together.
To changing the world together,
John Smith
P.S. Be ready to take tons of notes. These videos are content rich and will help you implement money making strategies immediately into your business.
Here’s a mortgage broker seeking a joint venture relationship with a painter
I Want To Hand You 5 to 15 New Customers A Month On A Silver Platter—And It Won’t Cost You A Penny…
Dear Painting Contractor,
If your company has capacity to grow, and would like to add 5 to 15 new customers per month with ZERO acquisition cost, then I’d like to talk to you. My name is Randall Hollingsworth. I’m the president of RHI Mortgage in Dallas; we’re a full-service mortgage company that serves the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area… and we write an average of 65 loans a month. You may have heard our commercials on the radio.
As a leader in this marketplace, we are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to add value to our customers. Adding value is more than just giving a great price and good service—it also has to do with finding out all of our customers’ needs and wants… and helping to fill them. We recently took a survey of our customers to find out what home-related needs they had when moving into their new homes BESIDES just the mortgage. Guess what we found…
78% Of Our Customers Need At Least SOME Painting
When They Move Into Their New Homes.
Almost HALF Reported They Needed A Significant Amount Of Painting…
And 14% Said They Needed Their ENTIRE HOME Painted.
With numbers like that, you can now probably see why I’m writing you this letter! In our efforts to help our customers fill all their home related needs, we’d like to steer them to a reputable, trustworthy painting contractor who can do the job for them. I’d like for you to consider being the contractor that I refer my customers to.
How This Works: First of all, let me state that I’m not looking for you to pay me any kind of referral fees. Like the opening statement above, this won’t cost you a penny. When my customer closes a loan with me, I will hand them a voucher for $375 of FREE painting services from your company. I’m willing to pay you $50 for each voucher that is redeemed—this will help to cover some of your hard costs. You will then have the ability to sell my customers whatever painting services they need for their new home. Some customers will surely only use the $375 face value… but others will certainly spend more than that—MUCH MORE.
I Anticipate That The Average Client Will Spend
About $1,200 to $1,500 In Painting With You
So run the numbers—if the average painting job is $1,375, that’s $1,000 in cash the client will pay you, plus the $50 I’ll pay you. If your margins are strong enough, this will easily make you a lot of money. You know as well as I do that several of the jobs will come in over $5,000, which makes this a golden opportunity. We anticipate that at least 5 to 15 of our 65 customers per month will utilize the voucher and call you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got 30 calls a month.
There Are Dozens Of Good Painting Contractors Out There…
But I Only Need ONE.
My Painting Partner Must Fit These Strict Guidelines—Do You?
In Business At Least 5 Years: I can’t risk my reputation on a fly-by-night contractor. References are a must.
Member of BBB With Arbitration Clause: If problems do arise, I need to make sure my customers have recourse.
Fair Prices & No Surprise Charges: Not looking for the cheapest contractor; fair and no surprises are what count.
Excellent Customer Service: Must be reliable, on time, well-groomed, well behaved, etc.
Capacity To Grow: Can you handle 5 to 30 new customers per month? If not, this won’t work.
What to do next: I have sent this letter out to 15 painting contractors that I have done preliminary research on and feel would be a good fit. If you feel like you might be interested in this program, please call me as soon as possible so we can discuss. I would like to put this program in place by November 15th, so time is of the essence. Preference will be given to those who contact me first. Please call me at 214-555-1212
Randall Hollingsworth
P.S. As you can see, we have already created two different styles of the vouchers—they are attractive and tell our customers exactly what to do to use them. We’re ready to launch this program within 30 days… please contact me ASAP if you’re interested.

Here’s the same process in reverse… a painter seeking a joint venture relationship with a mortgage broker
Give Your Customers FREE PAINTING Services
And Come Off Looking Like A Hero.
(Won’t Cost You A Cent)
Dear Mortgage Broker,
If you’re looking for ways to separate your business from the competition and make your company the “no-brainer” choice to business with, I have a simple idea that could make a huge difference for you. My name is David Johnson. I’m the president of DJ Painting, Inc. we’re a full-service residential and commercial painting contractor that serves the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area… we’ve painted over 3,400 homes and businesses in our 12 years of operation.
Last month at our manager’s meeting, we were discussing the different types of customers we have and where they originate from. When we stopped to think, we realized that a significant portion of our customers are folks who are just moving into a new home. Then we did a little research… guess what we found…
78% Of Home Buyers Need At Least SOME Painting
When They Move Into Their New Homes.
Almost HALF Reported They Needed A Significant Amount Of Painting…
And 14% Said They Needed Their ENTIRE HOME Painted.
In other words, three-quarters of YOUR CUSTOMERS are going to need painting almost immediately after doing business with you. Since that’s the case, there seems to be a great opportunity for you to offer your clients FREE PAINTING services from our firm… doing so could be a major competitive advantage. I’d like for you to consider using this powerful tool to INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS.
How This Works: First of all, let me state that I’m not looking for you to pay me any kind of fees at all. Like the opening statement above, this won’t cost you a penny. When your customer closes a loan with you, you will simply hand them a voucher for $375 of FREE painting services from my company.
I’m willing to give you these vouchers for FREE, provided you agree to only give them to bona fide new customers. Naturally, we make our money from a certain percentage of customers who will need additional painting above the $375. We know our numbers and are satisfied that this program is a real win-win-win for you, your customers, and us.
This Program Gives Your Prospects A Powerful Incentive
To Use You Instead Of Your Competitors.
So run the numbers—if you’re writing 15 loans a month and this promotion convinces an extra 2 or 3 people per month to use you, what will that do for your bottom line? I wouldn’t be surprised if this program added 5 new loans a month. Not to mention the good will you will get from your customers who know that you’re looking out for their best interest. After all, 78% of them need the service anyway.
We’re Only Making This Program Available
To 5 Mortgage Companies In The Area.
After All, If Everyone Were Doing It, It Wouldn’t Be A Competitive Advantage!
What to do next: I have sent this letter out to 50 mortgage companies I have done preliminary research on and feel would be a good fit. If you feel like you might be interested in this program, please call me as soon as possible so we can discuss. I would like to put this program in place by November 15th, so time is of the essence. Preference will be given to those who contact me first. Please call me at (214) 555-1212.
David Johnson
PS. As you can see on the next page, we have already created two different styles of the vouchers—they are attractive and tell our customers exactly what to do to use them. We’re ready to launch this program within 30 days… please contact me ASAP if you are interested.