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WorldWide Erections was born in 2013 and is now a global home-based network marketing distribution business on a mission to change lives by helping people reach new levels of balance, freedom and well-being through our premium products and business opportunity.

Our Zulu Warrior supplements are FDA approved, scientifically formulated, clinically proven to achieve powerful erections and assist with premature ejaculation. They are 100% all-natural, safe and effective. Even safe for people with Type 2 Diabetes. It is designed to help people and not put them under any health risk.

Zulu Warrior is very affordable and available exclusively through our [WE] Independent Distributors throughout the four (4) regions in the USA. [WE] Distributors can provide product samples; individual product sales; and automated shipping options and discounted sales through our Devoted Customer Program.

WorldWide Erections mission is to Provide the highest value and consistent quality to the clients, communities, and corporations we serve. Establish an outstanding work environment where ordinary people can utilize their skills, experience, creativity, knowledge and grow. Raise our steadfast commitment to excellence in every product and service we provide as a means of earning the confidence and devotion of our customers. Expand our leadership position through broadening our product and service by meeting and surpassing our customer’s expectations. Serve as active participants to our families and community in which we live. Cultivate our society by being involved in outside interest and obligations.

We pledge to our clients, and ourselves to support our collective mission through our ongoing commitment to: Excellence, Leadership, Obligation, Integrity, Innovation, Dedication, and Concern



Before the birth of WorldWide Erections Karla was working as a master scheduler for an aerospace company in Atlanta Georgia . It was during this time when she discovered she was not going to get the same opportunity to grow within the company as others were; therefore decided she had to make a change, go in another direction in order to accomplish her financial goals and to see her dreams come to reality.

It was also during this time when Karla began to take notice of advertisements portraying the need for male enhancement pills. Advertisements were all over the TV, radio, in movies and the story line of episodes of our favorite TV shows. She noticed that many of her friends as well as other people were using these erectile dysfunction drugs that not only caused them to have an erection but caused them to have an increase in health problems along with a multitude of other side effects. She then began to understand the dangers of these drugs and why men should avoid using them.

As time went on, Karla came across this incredible opportunity. This opportunity allowed her to offer an uncommon solution for everyone. She created the world’s best home-based network marketing distribution business that offers a proven, tested and guaranteed natural health supplement that produces dramatic health improvements for people with ED. The supplement can also be used as an option to help business owners  attract more clients and increase their revenue…Plus it supports entrepreneurship & small business opportunity for ordinary people like herself to have an opportunity to dream big and begin living life your own way.

Karla conducted a thorough investigated study on the industry, the market and had researched all sources, verifying as much data as possible in order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information she found. As a result of the study, she realized that by developing this incredible all-natural herbal supplement Zulu Warrior she could also create a professionally managed home-based network marketing business that could become one of the most leading industries for today’s entrepreneur.

So Karla devised a plan… a plan to not only increase her financial stability but to share her concept by helping others who were faced with ED health concerns as well as dealing with the same employment predicament she found herself to be in. She decided to offer ordinary people a rarity in the 21st century, A Chance at Financial Independence, a chance to make a difference.

What made this new venture unique was that it was initially born out of her passion, vision and commitment for financial independence and to be a role model for her adult children and grandchildren… But due to the economic crisis that began in 2009 the business presented itself to provide ordinary people with an earnings opportunity to achieve financial independence and to enjoy all the benefits that comes with such accomplishments.

Karla believes strongly in the potential of people, and that in that potential lay the power of possibility and, eventually, success:
“If we stop and look over the past and then into the future, we can see that the possibilities are growing greater and greater every day; that we have scarcely begun to reach the proper results from the field we have before us.”
– Karla M. Phillips, WorldWide Erections LLC. Founder